The APU is an Electric Power Cell (epc™) that is integrated into vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, boats, aircraft, etc.) to supply AC or DC power at varied ranges and frequencies. The commercial APU uses the vehicle fuel supply and is integrated into the vehicle electronics. In use, the APU provides auxiliary power for vehicle comfort features and added functionality and eliminates the high fuel consumption, wear and tear, and emissions associated with the long idle operation when on-board electricity is being generated by running the main drive engine. The APU also provides exportable, plug-in power for contractors, recreation and more.

APT is currently developing a family of APU products for military and commercial applications.

Commercial 5 kW Auxiliary Power Unit
(APU) Powered by the opoc™ Engine

Military 5 kW Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
Powered by the opoc™ Engine
Featured by the U.S. Army at the 2005 SAE World Congress in Detroit, MI.

APT’s Auxiliary Power Unit features:
Briefcase size
Integrated into Vehicles
Provides electricity for Vehicle needs
Exportable power – plug in computers/tools
Do not need to run the main engine to get power (no more idling trucks!)
Plugs into vehicle fuel source and electronics
Quiet operation

5 kW Commercial APU
integrated in Recreational Vehicles, luxury automobiles and trucks.
It creates auxiliary power which can be used for:
Cabin preconditioning in luxury cars and trucks
Exportable 110V/220V functionality – worksite,
recreation, home
Loading and lifting

5 kW Military APU provides auxiliary electricity for fighting and support vehicles of all kinds and can accommodate exportable power to plug in computers, tools, night vision and more. The unit can also be detached and carried as a man-portable generator into the field by a single soldier.

The Military 5kW APU unit has a fuel tank attached so that when the unit is removed it becomes a lightweight Man-Portable Generator System one soldier can carry.


5 kW “dock able” APU in the 21st Century HMMVW (debuted at October, 2004 AUSA show)