Advanced Propulsion Technologies, Inc. (APT) continues to successfully secure both commercial and military-funded programs and has secured development and license partnerships with top global companies.

Since APT's founding in 2002, the U.S. Department of Defense has and continues to be a strong partner in the development of our technologies including contract awards to APT for nearly a dozen current and completed programs to provide generators and land and air vehicle engines to the military. APT’s opoc™ engine is considered a preferred solution for the U.S. Department of Defense for future critical applications, and as a small business developing dual use (military and commercial) technologies, the mission of APT fits the mission of the Government to support such companies.  

APT has an additional Development and License Agreement to develop commercial Auxiliary Power Units (APU). The agreement is to develop Auxiliary Power Units based on the epc™ to be used in various vehicles worldwide and to develop future opoc™ technologies for additional applications.

For critical engine development tasks, APT has a Development and License Agreement with a top global engine engineering company which provides full development support of the opoc™ engine families.  This firm is an engine development client to major U.S. and foreign government agencies as well as several global automotive companies.