The Electric Power Cell (epc™) is an Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (opoc™) engine coupled with an advanced electric generator. It is a compact and efficient power generator which can be configured to run on a variety of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas and Hydrogen. The epc™ can be developed for a variety of configurations and power (ranging from watts to megawatts) for consumer, commercial, industrial and military applications. The epc™ family consists of portable generators, Auxiliary Power Units (APU), and stationary power generator systems.

Compared with the today’s leading generators:
Approximately 5 times higher power density (power per installed volume, Watts/L)
More than 2 times higher specific power (power per weight, Watts/lb).
Requires significantly less components when compared to a conventional electrical generator system
Costs comparable for fabrication, assembly, and maintenance.
Very quiet operation because the opoc™ Engine is fully balanced by nature of its novel design

The opoc™ is the heart of the epc™ shown with generator and muffler