APT's generator products are a subset of Electric Power Cells (epc™) and offer superior efficiency, power density (high output for small size and weight) and lower emissions due to the unique opoc™ Engine design.

APT is currently developing two families of man-portable generators in the 2kW and 5kW range. Other APT generator applications will range from under 1kW portable to Megawatt capable stationary Power Generators:

0.5 kW – 5 kW Man-portable Generator Sets
10 kW – 1 Megawatt Portable Generators
500 kW – Megawatts Stationary Power Plants

These generator families will represent a breakthrough in functionality for electrical power generation applications for contractors, the military, marine markets, recreation, home use, aircraft support operations and many other portable and stationary generator user markets worldwide. APT has plans for alternative fuel capability in future families of its generators, including the use of natural gas and Hydrogen – the latter which are currently under negotiation with potential partners.

APT’s Commercial 5 kW briefcase size epc
portable generator shown with fuel tank