The microsol Radiant Heater is a highly fuel efficient, emission free, silent, uniform heat distribution technology used to generate radiant heat energy for a variety of applications including outdoor patio heaters, indoor gas heaters of all kinds, and a variety of applications for commercial drying, cooking, and space heating. It is an all purpose gas burner technology that runs on Natural Gas, Propane, Jet fuel and Diesel.

Versatile Spherical Heating Element
Generates radiant heat energy
Emission (NOx, HC, CO) free technology
Fuel efficient with more useable heat
Very quiet operation with stable combustion
Glows in a range of pleasing colors
Proprietary design - Patent Pending

Sphere = Largest surface area possible
Intense radiant heat transmitted uniformly over wide area
Gas inlet port (diffuser) - large relative to burner surface
Uniform gas distribution over the entire burner surface from gas inlet port
Results in efficient surface combustion maximized fuel utilization