opoc™ Engine Families
13.5 hp (10kW) (currently being tested) opoc™ engine for Electric Power Cell (epc™) applications weighing approximately 13lbs and measures approximately 3.6in x 6.1in x 16.2in
40 hp (30kW) opoc™ engine under development for air vehicle applications has a projected weight under 40lbs and measures approximately 3.5in x 9.5in x 16.2in

325 hp (currently being tested) opoc™ engine module (two coupled with a clutch to achieve 650 hp) licensed by a major engine developer for an unmanned military Helicopter with an achievable weight of 450lbs and measures 15.8in x 35in x 41.5in

13.5 hp opoc
shown with muffler

40 hp opoc™ is three
opoc™ Engines
connected to single shaft
325 hp Ultra Lightweight opoc™ engine
opoc™ Engine Facts
High power to weight ratio
High power to volume ratio
Can be designed to use a variety of fuels gasoline, diesel, JP8, natural gas and hydrogen
Achieves assisted HCCI combustion using proprietary diesel fuel system
Fully balanced engine
Conventional parts, materials and maintenance